Character Name Consultations

I love naming characters. I love the search for a pool of names, I love feeling out which names are the best options for the character in question, and I love learning what names a writer chooses (and why!).

I would be happy to help you name a character, with the understanding that you must reply to let me know which name you chose (mine or otherwise) and why. I will also reserve the right to publish all communications with you regarding the character (i.e. NOT your name or contact info, only the character’s info and your name choice). Read my past Character of the Week postings for examples of what kind of information I publish.

If you wish for me to name a character for you, e-mail me at theNAMEgirl [AT] yahoo [DOT] com with the following information about your character:

  • Gender
  • Age/birth year/birth time-period
  • Where born/raised (if Fantasy, include if your world is based on a certain country/area/time)
  • Career and characteristics
  • Info about parents (careers and characteristics)
  • Names of parents/siblings/love interests
  • Names of other characters s/he interacts with
  • Genre

I will try to reply within a week with a list of at least 5 names that I think are well-suited to your character. Please also Tweet to me (@theNAMEgirl) to let me know you sent me an e-mail, as this is not my regular e-mail account.

Praise for My Names and Naming Abilities

  • These are totally appropriate names!
  • That’s the name I picked for his younger brother!
  • Wow! You’re good.
  • Those names are amazing!
  • Thank you… you are excellent in picking names.
  • You have a very unique gift!

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