About The NAME Girl

I write for the Young Adult market. I am as yet unpublished, but I have written four novels so far (all in various stages of drafts). I have also written a few short scripts.

I love cats, rubber ducks, roses made from different materials, cheesy TV shows, and Regency costuming. And, of course, character naming.

About The NAME Girl Blog

One year during NaNoWriMo I noticed many people seeking character naming help, so I started a Thread on the Forums offering to name characters. For a few weeks (until the Thread finally died) I spent 30 minutes to two hours answering each post, and 10 to 21 hours a day responding to posts.

In all I named at least 200 characters. And I got good feedback.

I looked around the Internet for character naming resources, and there was not much out there. Many people have posted suggestions for naming. They are usually short lists of suggestions, usually with good advice and sometimes with bad advice. There is also a dearth of books on the subject (the one that looked good from the description on Amazon.com, really didn’t have much information in, and had some bad information in it).

I knew I couldn’t do any worse than what was already out there, so I started this blog. I hope that a description of my process and style might just help writers help themselves name their characters.

NOTE: As of 2014 I will be updating this blog less frequently, and with a more general focus on writing and what I’m reading.

About The NAME Girl Name

When I was thinking about what to name my new blog, I considered several choices. “A Rose by Any Other Name” would have been both not a good fit and something you’ve probably seen before in any number of character naming posts. Something like “The Character Naming Blog” would have been too boring. I don’t even remember what else I considered, but I remember how I came to where I am.

I was reading an article about actresses in the early days of Hollywood, and how they would become known for the brand they shilled. I put that together with today’s focus on name as brand, and dubbed myself “The NAME Girl”. A nickname, title, and brand all in one.

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