Name it Again, Sam

It’s the New Year, and a time for beginnings. And sometimes endings as well.

I’ve been thinking about this little blog o’ mine for a while, and what it means to me. When I started it, when I planned to start it, I had a lot of ideas that never came to fruition. As it went on I had more ideas to add to or alter what I did, but I was never passionate enough about those ideas to put them into practice.

Now, nearly two years since I started my character naming blog I find that life has other plans. There are things that I hope to do in this new year that will require my time and attention, and, frankly, I feel like I need to have some changes over here.

I don’t want to abandon my blog, and I may just have more to say about character naming, but it’s time for me to let go of the format I have been holding on to.

One of my plans for the new year is to read more books and to read more widely. I hope to blog a bit about my reading. I also hope to blog about my writing, my ideas, and some of the other things I’m doing. I may well start a new blog for some of my activities, but I plan to keep up here with writing (and naming) related posts.

I’m not going to commit to a schedule, or even try to post as often as I have been. I hope to post weekly, or more, but I don’t want it to be a chore.

In 2014, I want my writing and writing-related activities (like reading and blogging) to be for the fun of it. This year I want to be about passion, and love, and excitement, and unicorns (figurative unicorns).

And this is what I want for you, too. Passion! Love! Excitement! Unicorns! The best year ever!

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