Character of the Week: Princess J Names

This naming was a three for one.

The Writer Describes the Character

Princess J (name needs to start with a J) was a spoiled princess. Then she met this preacher and fell in love. And when she told her mother, the Queen, it sort of ticked her off. J was thrown in the dungeon.

Female, 18
Raised in the palace of Sordonia Kingdom in Medieval times. The King was a saint who adored his youngest daughter. The Queen was heartbroken after her husband’s death and basically handed over the responsibility of raising her children.
Siblings: Caleb, Vincent, William, Elliot, and Elena.
Love Interest: Trevor.

The name I’ve gone with is Jasmine, but everyone (including me) keeps thinking of Aladdin’s princess Jasmine.

I agree with this writer and her friends that Princess Jasmine is tainted by the Aladdin association. You never want readers to constantly be comparing your character to another one, especially if those comparisons turn out to not be favorable.

This was one of the earlier namings I did, and since I was limited by the beginning letter I was inspired to give more choices than the usual five (limits often inspire me).

My Reply to the Writer

I stayed with primarily British or British-sounding names to go with those you gave.

  • Princess Juniper: Nature name
  • Princess Jerrica: Real name of cartoon character Jem (very few people will remember this)
  • Princess Jamila: Like Camilla meets Gemma
  • Princess Josephina: Very formal, regal
  • Princess Jaclyn: Reminds me of Jackie Kennedy
  • Princess Jilliana: A frilliana name
  • Princess Jocelyn: Mature
  • Princess Juliana: A current sounding name

The writer replied:  Still working on the Kingdom name. Suggestions for that or the Queen’s name would be awesome, too. Did I mention thank you?

Later on, when I could barely keep up with requests, I sometimes had to ignore replies like this (especially given the lack of information for me to go on). Here I went in search for “British” kingdom names since the characters had more British sounding names. I chose mostly “new classic” names for the mother.

My Second Reply to the Writer

  • Kingdom of Breteyne: Middle English for Britannia
  • Kingdom of Albion: Older name for Britain
  • Kingdom of Prittania: Ancient Greek version of Britannia
  • Kingdom of Visterianna
  • Kingdom of Wyntser
  • Queen Theadora
  • Queen Audrey
  • Queen Rosemarie
  • Queen Isabel
  • Queen Claire

The writer replied: I ended up sticking with Jasmine as my main character name after all. But, thanks to your suggestions, Wynster and Queen Isabel both have names.

This writer must have really loved Jasmine for her character, and I hope her characterization will help readers think past the association with that other character.

I’m also glad I was able to help naming the Kingdom and the Queen.


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