Character of the Week: Teenage Witch Names

I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately, so I felt like finding a paranormal teen to name.

The Writer Describes the Character

Female, 17-19 (born 50 years in the future)
Constantly traveling, never really has stayed in one place. Parents work for the government, and they strongly believe in their work. Uh, haven’t thought about any of this quite yet.
Her friends are Blair Summers, Trevor Felton, Char Jones, and Eden Russe.
Bounty Hunter/Witch

See there? Even this witch’s friend is named Blair Summers. So I had to look for a Willow Rosenberg-type name for her. Except, this one’s the heroine (instead of the friend).

My Reply to the Writer

  • Miryam Stuart
  • Alannah Stuart
  • Tabitha Stuart
  • Alexie Stuart
  • Rachelle Stuart

The writer never replied to me so I don’t know if any of these names were chosen. I do feel like these names fit the same feel as the other names this writer chose, but with a little more cool.

As I’m reading them now, however, I’m wondering about my first choice. Miryam is a name that I think of as cool/sexy/alternative—but that could be because I knew a girl who changed her name to Miryam who fit that description.


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