Name Theory: All Major Characters

Sometimes, as part of character development, I try to think about the story from another character’s perspective. I believe that every character, like every person, is the lead in his or her story.

The characters we, as writers, choose to tell our stories through are usually the heroes or heroines, or the most damaged, or somehow “special”. But every character should be special, and every character should have something to add.

It’s crossed my mind that my stories could be told from another perspective—from the sidekick’s perspective. In fact, I have a novel idea that I plan to tell from the sidekick’s perspective.

Still, even when the story is told from the perspective of one character, the other characters should be full enough in the reader’s minds that they are left wondering what those characters are doing off page.

Challenge yourself to write full characters, ones who live and breathe, who inspire readers to wonder. And remember to name each one as though they were the lead character in their own story—because, they are.

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