Character of the Week: Dystopian California Names

There are no small characters, only short character descriptions.

The Writer Describes the Character

He’s somewhat of a minor character, but the poor guy still needs a name! He has a tentative one, but it doesn’t really fit him or his society at all. 

Male, 18
He was born in an enclosed and tightly controlled dystopian city, and raised in a work house. His society is very similar to present day US in terms of ideals and societal values, but with a degraded economy and completely ruined environment. Based loosely off San Francisco.
Never knew his parents, but he was a product of rape and was abandoned by the mother. Raised by distant and often drug addicted caretakers.
He interacts with Grisha, Gabriel, Julie, and Simon.
Has worked in a plastic factory and currently works as a drug mule for Grisha. He doesn’t exactly have a love interest as much as a man-crush on Grisha. As a person, he’s rather shy and withdrawn, but he’s smart and very caring, although he has a jealous and rash side. He’s wary of people but likes books, even though he isn’t an exceptional reader.

Since this character was born in a future California, I looked first at names that are popular in California and tried to guess what might be popular in the future. Then I considered names which felt similar to the names used (other than the Russian Grisha, who seemed somewhat separate from the others), but with a bit more edge.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Felix
  • Declan
  • Wilder
  • Brant
  • Nolan

The writer replied: Thank you so much! I like all of them. I’m not sure how I’m going to pick! Thanks, again!

Even though this character was clearly labeled “minor” by this writer, I didn’t name him that way. If a character deserves a full character description (something beyond friendly waitress with a heart of gold), then I believe the character deserves a well-considered name. I’m sure this is partially because all I know about these stories is through the nameless character’s eyes, and because I always try to imagine the story being told from the newly named character’s perspective.


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