Character of the Week: Alternate Time Names

This naming, character, and plot, raises many questions for me.

The Writer Describes the Character

Female, somewhere between 17 and 25, Contemporary
Raised in a big city, but not sure which one. It’s in the US though. It’s like an alternate universe. Humans know the existence of magic and magical creatures.
I don’t know much about her parents, I just know they have connections…
I think she is an only child. Love interest is undetermined right now, but it might be this guy Julius or Colton (Colt).
Other characters: Patrick (Trick), Camryn (Cam), Josephina (Josie), Maximilian (Maxxie), Rinyl (a talking lion companion for Trick… cooler than it sounds, I hope), Roxy (her companion cat).
Quiet unless she has something to add, independent, is stronger than she looks (takes some sort of martial arts I think).
Urban Fantasy

For this character in an alternate reality, I looked for names that are in use now, but which I imagine might be more popular in a world where magic and magical creatures exist.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Eva
  • Reverie
  • Paisley
  • Morgana
  • Kali

The writer replied: I really like the name Kali for her, but I am second guessing myself because I have a lot of names with the “K” sound: Cam, Colt, and Trick. It’s silly, I know, but I want some variation. I also like Morgana too, so maybe I’ll go with that. And is Reverie pronounced as Rev-eh-ree or Rev-ree?

I think this character has a name, but I’m not sure. The writer was still trying to decide a lot of things about this character, like where she’s from, and I think all that was needed was a little confidence in choices. There are a lot of character names with K sounds (which is why Kali was the last name on my list), Morgana is a good name but doesn’t quite fit the other names, and Reverie is a different name if you think readers might pronounce it Rev-uh-ree vs. Rev-ree. (Personally I would use the first pronunciation, and I like that name more every time I consider it for this character.)


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