Character of the Week: Necromancer Names

This week we have a different Royalist to name.

The Writer Describes the Character

Male, mid to late 30s

The setting is Lunumbra, a fantasy kingdom very loosely based on England, though not on any specific time period. Monarchs still hold power, and the House of Lords is very limited in what it can do, no house of commons.

Father was a Duke and a Peer (Member of the House of Lords) known to have an unusually close friendship with the Queen Monarch. He was a staunch Royalist and moderately powerful Necromancer.

Mother has a fondness for pepper and can be a bit short tempered at times. The daughter of a very minor noble, many people wonder why the Duke married her. She considers herself lucky to have married so well and never contradicted her husband in public.

Mother: Edith
Married to: Royal Princess Alexandria
First wife: Victoria
Two children from his first wife: Elizabeth (14) and Edmond(12)
Her Royal Highness, the Queen Monarch Anne the Blessed
Prince Edward (Heir to the Throne, younger brother to Princess Alexandria, age 14)
Master Healer Verren and his Apprentice Modren/Aaron (both from a foreign land)

Lord Martial of the Necromasters (they specialize in stealing control of undead from rebel necromancers), he was born during a solar eclipse and is extremely powerful. He places a high priority on keeping himself physically fit and is believes women need to know at least enough about fighting to defend themselves in an emergency. (His first wife was murdered.) Like his father before him, he is loyal to the crown. As a younger son of his father he did not inherit his father’s title or Peership but has earned a place in the House of Lords for his Service to the Crown.

Fantasy (probably going to end up somewhat Steampunk-ish)

To name this character, I first tried to learn a bit about Necromancers (read: I searched Wikipedia). For a minute I considered searching for a name that was somewhat magical/mystical/fantasy to fit a necromancer, but none of those names would have fit a man who lives in an alternate United Kingdom and whose parents were Royalists. I felt that a more traditional name, or at least an English name, was in order for this character.

My Reply to the Writer

I hope you weren’t looking for something Norse and necromancy. I felt that they name should match the other characters.

  • Angus
  • Owen
  • Rhys
  • Oliver
  • Ellis

The writer replied: Thanks, I think I may use Oliver, for a handful of reasons. First it sounds good with the name for his family that popped into my head last night (Gray), and second Oliver has some associations I make that I think add depth to the story I intend to write. So I now know that the head of the Necromasters is Oliver Gray. Thank you very much. And I was hoping for something that matches the other characters, so you done good. (Also you happen to have included the name of That Guy I Sleep With in your list. *G*)

I’m glad the writer liked my take on this Necromaster’s name. I also find it amusing that I guessed her pseudo-boyfriend’s name. I have noticed that many people are drawn to the same types of names in characters and in loved ones.


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