Character of the Week: Royalist Names

I think this character would be better off as a Young Adult heroine finding herself and trying to make her world better along the way.

The Writer Describes the Character

Female, about 20
She was born in the Spring, in a very modern day-esque period in the Population, that is to say a city. My world is based upon Earth, but like an alternate version of Earth that may end up having a totally different name than Earth and some other qualities Earth doesn’t have or more of a quality than what Earth does.
Info about parents: They are “Royal followers” so I suppose that would be like the red coats, they disapprove of their daughter’s “Liberal” views and protests against Royalty etc. Father is one of the royal guard therefore they live near the palace and SHE has met the queen and several royals, and is ear to several crown secrets. Mother is one of the royal seamstresses. Because of this SHE is let off easily whereas other protesters get harsher punishments. Some of her fellow rebels don’t trust HER or give HER a hard time about this.
Parents are Richard and Tracy Whithelm. (Richard comes from a noble family, like Duke/Dutchess relative.) She has no siblings, but the palace family of servants, tailors, cooks, etc. was like her family growing up. Maddox Thorn (another “rebel”/leader) is her love interest at the start of the story, but I’m not sure if that continues through the story.
Other characters: Denver Stephen Zevil, the Queen (Delilah), the King (Morrison as in Morri’s son Morri being a Royal name.) My characters do not like revealing their names.
She is a ”rebel” but before that she was studying to be a Vet for the Reserve. Her parents highly disapprove of this career choice and her mother tries several times to groom her to be a royal seamstress, or cook. Her father even tries to get her involved with the guard. She’s very stubborn and spoiled, but she realizes how much of her growing up was a lie and feels like she has to do something about it. She is impatient and wants action now, instead of thinking it through or peaceful protest. She wants to storm the borders, lead the troops, but realizes she doesn’t have the rebels support so she uses Maddox as a puppet at times, though he doesn’t subsume to her suggestions often. Just once is all it takes though to lead the rebels into strange waters.

For this character I looked for names that were a bit frilliana, and almost royal—assuming her parents would want to honor a favorite royal through naming, or just want to use a name with aspirational connections.

My Reply to the Writer

I chose names I thought Royal followers might choose.

  • Iliana Whithelm
  • Karina Whithelm
  • Claire Whithelm
  • Gloriana Whithelm
  • Victoria Whithelm

The writer replied: Thanks for the suggestions, I quite like Karina and think I will use that, thank you.

I’m glad this writer liked one of my names. Looking at the choices I gave, I almost wonder if I didn’t go far enough in offering “aspirational” names. I’m especially glad, however, that I didn’t go too far.


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