Character of the Week: Busker Names

This one always made me think of Justin Bieber.

The Writer Describes the Character

Male, 18
Born and raised in a big city (I’m considering Chicago or Detroit).
Single mom, worked two full time jobs to support him, as a waitress and a secretary. Dad was never a part of the boy’s life.
Mom: Erica Simms; Dad: Charlie Jacobs; Love Interest: Alexia; Other characters: Erica, John, Aaron, Michael.
Plays guitar, usually just on the streets but has a rock band that occasionally gets gigs.
Realistic Fiction

Since this busker with a single mother reminded me of “the Biebs”, I looked for a name that felt similar to me. I went with common names that weren’t too popular or trendy—something normal and accessible that went with the surname Simms.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Dakota Simms
  • Brett Simms
  • Bryan Simms
  • Wyatt Simms
  • Adam Simms

The writer didn’t reply to me, so I don’t know if any of these names was chosen.

This was a simple naming, yet I see the character clearly and still wonder about his story.

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