Character of the Week: Cook Names

This one makes me hungry. Or maybe that’s just because it’s almost lunch time.

The Writer Describes the Character

Male, 25-30
Secondary character
Lives in large city (undecided)/never run into the same people twice.
Overworked, drinks too much, huge emphasis on cooking, loves trying recipes out on his wife (main character), doesn’t pay her much attention otherwise.
English decent. Scruffy, rugged appearance, dresses quite nicely but still loves his socks with sandals.
Not overly goal orientated, satisfied with life in general.

I got a really strong image of this character when I read this, and I felt like I knew someone like him (or a few someones like him). I set out to find names that fit the image in my head, and came up with some winners.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Kale
  • Ryne
  • Barrett
  • Jess
  • Lyle

The writer replied: Thanks! Jess and Barrett have made the short list. We’ll see how they fit as the character develops!

Since this character is a home-cook, I played with words a bit in my name choices. Kale is the obvious one—and I bet this character would love the vegetable! Ryne was chosen because it reminded me of the word “rind”, which is also food related. As you know I don’t particularly like choosing names based on their meanings, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like some word play now and again.

This writer ix-nayed my play, and went for more serious names on my list. This was almost certainly the right choice for this story—and the better choice for most stories overall.


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