Character of the Week: California Girl Names

This one was a quick naming.

The Writer Describes the Character

Female, about 22
Raised in California.
Her father was a rich business man, she was definitely a daddy’s girl. Mother is a socialite who loves her wealth. Both parents don’t really care about what FMC does, as long as she doesn’t obtain a bad reputation.
Her parents are Frank and Valerie, no siblings, her boyfriend’s name is Louis.
She doesn’t have a job (yet). FMC is a bubbly, typical LA-girl. She’s outgoing and carefree, bitchy at times.

I was inspired by the feminine name of this character’s mother and the fact that she is a daddy’s girl. I saw her as a California princess.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Olivia
  • Gabriela
  • Kayla
  • Ava
  • Kristen

The writer replied: Thank you a lot! I’m going for Olivia I think!

I didn’t overthink this one, and the writer didn’t either. This writer quickly replied to say which name was chosen. Easy peasy.

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