Name Theory: With My Gratitude

As I re-read the descriptions of characters that writers sent to me, I wonder where they are now.

Although I know that most people who attempt to write a book never finish the first draft, and that even those who finish a draft never take it any further, I still get excited thinking about the chance that these characters—and their stories—are now published.

I could have helped name a character in a published novel.

It’s a silly sort of excitement, but I’m a silly sort of a person.

I wonder which of the  writers I helped name characters went on to publish their books, either by getting “a deal” or through self-publishing. I wonder if the stories stayed as described or evolved into something completely different. I wonder if the characters kept my names, and if they have gone on to new adventures. I wonder if the writers are still inspired by these characters, or new ones, to write more stories.

Once I’ve had the pleasure of being invited into a writer’s process, of learning about their characters and stories, it’s hard to let it all go.

I hope all the best for these writers, and for their stories. I want them all to reach their goals, to find their readers, to keep moving forward.

I am glad for everyone who said thank you to me for my help, but I have my own appreciation to grant.


Dear Writers,

Thank you for allowing me the great honor of knowing something of your characters and stories. Thank you for trusting me to enter into their world.

I hope you can understand the depth of my gratitude for being introduced to your varied stories. Your ideas have inspired me, and your passion has inspired me also.

I hope that you are well supported in all of your endeavors, and that you continue to write. If there is anything I can do to help you, please ask.

Best Wishes,



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