Character of the Week: Artist Names (and Appreciation)

[Please excuse this blog’s lateness. My computer wasn’t cooperating with me yesterday.]

Remember last week when I said writing—and naming—were work. This writer understood that fact.

The Writer Describes the Character

Female, 23 or 24 (born August 30, 1988)

She grew up in a nice if not well-off neighborhood tucked away in the back roads of Dayton, Ohio. Well-educated, super-smart, public schooling, and graduated from Stanford with a degree in art. She now lives in a posh part of London, with her partner, Julian.

Her mother, Peyton, was a stay-at-home mom, living off her previous husband’s life insurance. Her Father, Neal Archer, was coaching little league baseball, when they fell in love. 

She has one ex-husband, Michael, who cheated on her with her sister, Isobel, and his secretary, Mira Caprice.

Other characters are: Julian Lazarus, Michael Anderson, Pamela Jenkins, and Vivian Michaels.

Art is her passion, and she often spends hours painting portraits of landscapes, messy colors. Blunt, kind, caring, lacks modern day society etiquette skills, sensible fashion taste, disagreeable, hot-tempered. She doesn’t like to take crap from anyone. She has brown eyes, layered, golden-blond hair, and an angular face, with high-cheekbones, and a lightly glossed mouth.


Female, 29-32 (born March 2)

This second character is a high-strung, middle-class woman, approximately. 

She has no romantic interest yet, but she had a long-term boyfriend, Henry, who had an affair and left her heart-broken. She was raised in a small town in New Hampshire, and graduated top of her class, both in high-school and from college (graduated with a medical degree).

All we know about her parents is that they were both doctors and disliked her from birth, not bothering to name her or even leave a note when they left her on the side of the road.

What no one knows is that she has a hardened heart because of the tragedies she’s faced, and can be very emotionally detached in situations dealing with emotion and truths.

She is supposed to make my MC jealous. Very pretty, curly, auburn hair, emerald eyes, and a white smile that knocks your socks off.

Despite my feeling like I didn’t quite understand this story, since the writer only gave me what I needed and didn’t give me the whole plot, this was a simple naming. Probably because the writer gave me what I needed.

As a young divorced woman in a Romance, I felt the first character needed a strong and sexy name—coupled with her return to her maiden name (if she ever gave it up to begin with).

The second woman, who is not the main main, got a more straight-forward name. I saw her as a hard ass with potential for a gooey core (I’ve known a few of these in my day).

My Reply to the Writer

  • Claudia Archer
  • Gabriella Archer
  • Alexis Archer
  • Alyssa Archer
  • Marisol Archer
  • Courtney
  • Chelsea
  • Heidi
  • Heather
  • Lauren

The writer replied: I’m going with Marisol and Lauren for my two mains. Thanks so much. Your names were helpful, and it was very fulfilling to know someone cared enough to do this. I appreciate it.

To this writer I say, You’re Welcome and Thanks for the Thanks.


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