Character of the Week: The Cat Names

I told you last week that this writer came back for more. He didn’t end up using one of my “Bear” names, but I think he was more enthused with this “Cat” name.

The Writer Describes the Character

I’ve decided to rename one of my characters. I would like something that sounds slightly pretentious but that can be shortened into something sharp and kind of cool-guyish, preferably a one syllable nickname. 

Current Name: Devin

Male, Late Teens – 17ish
The Fantasy world he lives in, Crisa, is entirely covered in a multi-layered city. He was born in the richest part of the city.
Snobby, particular, his parents were always disappointed in his wild, alley-cat tendencies. Cold.
Parents unnamed but character is the third or fourth in the line – so “whatever, whatever the Third/Fourth”. Only child.
Coworkers/Fellow ‘Hunters’: Calum – The Wolf, Junah – The Fox, Armel – The Bear
He is what is known as a Hunter, a mix of bounty hunter and assassin. Hunters work for an unknown force (unknown even to them) though they suspect it is the ones called the UnSeen. Each Hunter has a sort of animal representative and takes on some degree of characteristics of that animal, in this case: The Cat. Like most cats, he is curious to a fault, is given to wandering off on his own and often gets stuck in situations he can’t get himself out of. Like most Siamese cats, is talkative and demands constant attention from his fellow Hunters. Is a bit sensitive to perceived rejections. Much of his confidence is faked. Is endlessly embarrassed of his rich upbringing and his rather fine breeding because he feels it makes him somehow less than his fellow Hunters—in particular the Wolf—and therefore keeps it a secret. No one knows just how he fell from favor amongst his family.
Fantasy with just the occasional dash of Sci-Fi elements, mainly in advanced engineering

Since this writer didn’t take any of my “Bear” names, I didn’t try to find meaning names for The Cat. Instead I searched for names on the Social Security Administration’s Baby Names list that were posh-sounding and which had nickname potential (as requested).

My Reply to the Writer

  • Holden (Holt) the Cat AKA Holden Spencer, IV
  • Orion (Rye) the Cat AKA Orion Spencer, IV
  • Chester (Chet) the Cat AKA Chester Spencer, IV
  • Ramsey (Ram) the Cat AKA Ramsey Spencer, IV
  • Jedediah (Jed) the Cat AKA Jedediah Spencer, IV

The writer replied: I’m really liking Orion, and I LOVE the name Rye! My Mom actually had a cat named Rye when I was a kid. It’s a great name for one. Holden (Holt) is a possibility too. Even the last name you came up with should work well. I’ll play around with those two first names and see which one works best. Thanks!

Even though I didn’t go to 20,000 Names for this round, the name this writer really likes—Orion—is one that site suggests as a cat name!


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