Character of the Week: Bear Names

This character came back for more names after this, so I guess my names were on target.

The Writer Describes the Character

Male, early 40s
He was born in a small village that is generally seen as being in the middle of a No Man’s land wilderness. This wilderness partially surrounds a tiny country named Crisa (roughly the same landmass as mainland Japan). Crisa in entirely covered in a multi-layered city. Citizens, even those in the poorer layers, look upon the wilderness dwellers with disdain.
His parents are typical hardworking country folk. It’s a difficult life, so not much time is spent on activities outside of farming and such. Parents were upstanding citizens, slightly over critical, would never approve of his current friends’ wilder behavior or liberal views.
His parents and two older siblings are unnamed. (Unhelpful I know.) Coworkers/Fellow ‘Hunters’ include: Calum – The Wolf, Junah – The Fox, Devin – The Cat. (Not sure if I want to rename the Cat or not…)
He is what is known as a Hunter – a mix of bounty hunter and assassin. Hunters work for an unknown force (unknown even to them) though they suspect it is the ones called the UnSeen. Each Hunter has a sort of animal representative and takes on some degree of characteristics of that animal, in this case: The Bear. As the Bear, he can be somewhat surly, is rather large – rides a draft breed horse – is unmovable both physically and mentally once he claims his ground, and is the peace-keeper of the group. Won’t admit it out loud, but despite his enjoyment in punishing the Fox and Cat when they get out of hand, he does have a soft spot for the both of them. Is rather straight in sexual orientation, but is gentle in his rejections of the rare male advances (he tends to intimidate too many men for any that may be interested to show that interest). Faithful companion and second-in-command to the Wolf. Is the most rational member of the group, and oversees the ever-changing relationships and mishaps of the others with a calm observance. Protective. Hates the cold because it makes him sleepy.
Fantasy, with just the occasional dash of Sci-Fi elements, mainly in advanced engineering

For this one I started looking at names that felt similar to those used (the first and last name on my list are from that search), but since one of the names given may be changed I altered my search. I did a simple search for “bear names” and found a post on 20,000 Names with many interesting choices. Since this is a Fantasy story, I believe some more exotic and rare names will help the story’s world building.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Angus the Bear: Meaning one choice
  • Artur the Bear: Hungarian version of Arthur, possibly meaning bear-man
  • Orso the Bear: Italian for bear
  • Torben the Bear: Means Thor’s bear or thunder bear
  • Duncan the Bear: Means brown-haired man/warrior

The writer replied: Thanks for the names! I’m considering using Torben. I had fiddled around with a different name – Armel – but the more I say Torben the more I like it. If I don’t use it for the Bear then I’ll place it on hold for use with a different character later on.
You may have noticed that the other name the author considered is also on the 20,000 Names list. I think that site is a good reference, especially for Fantasy names.


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