Character of the Week: Medieval Fantasy Steampunk Rebel Names

Even this writer isn’t sure what genre her story should be in, but she knew what she was looking for in a name.

The Writer Describes the Character

Male, 19 (was born about April 19th, using our calendar)
He lives in a sort of primeval “time before time” which resembles bits and pieces of European history from the late middle ages to the early 1900s. He was born in the slums of the capital city, Ilmatar, and though he and his father had a relatively nice house, they were still firmly in the lower classes.
His mother was a prostitute, and his father, Rhett, was not a client, but his mother’s live-in boyfriend at the time. They don’t know who the biological father is, but Rhett doesn’t care; the child is his in spirit. Rhett was originally a travelling merchant, but set up a permanent shop in Ilmatar, and eventually came to head a revolution against the crown.
Rhett wanted him to stay safe and run his shop, but they both knew that wouldn’t happen. He minds the shop occasionally, but spends most his time drinking and smoking, though he has an acute interest in the upcoming rebellion, which intensifies as the story progresses. He has very tan skin, light-brown hair, and gray eyes. His last name is Faulkner.
Names of other characters: Savanna (girlfriend), Rhett Faulkner (father), Shannon (kid sister), Nalren (crown prince), Jay (best friend), Cyra (godmother), Garrick (other friend), Elsia (princess), Mae (princess), Levona (queen), Angvre (king), Hazine (Nalren’s girlfriend), Jepp (incompetent palace guard).
Not quite Fantasy, but cutting pretty close

The story is not fantasy-based, but it is set in a make-believe world. It would be best for naming and promotional purposes if this story could be changed to fit in a genre (maybe Steampunk?), but I’ll work with what I’m given. I’m just glad this writer gave me so many of the other characters names to look to for style.

I looked at Medieval names for this character, but then resorted to looking for names from different sources that matched the style of some of the other names. All of these names, save Angvre, are real names, so they gave me an idea of what the writer was looking for in terms of feel and origin.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Edric Faulkner
  • Phineas Faulkner
  • Korbin Faulkner
  • Lachlan Faulkner
  • Harper Faulkner

The writer replied: His name is now Hedrick; I combined Harper and Edric. I also enjoy how it stems from a translation of “Ivy.” There’s a particular song about ivy that I listen to that I’m sure he would hate.

This writer knew what she wanted, and she created it! By looking at the sounds in the names I suggested, she discovered the name that suited her character.

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