Character of the Week: 1950s Names

This writer gave me the information I needed in story form.

The Writer Describes the Character(s)

My no-name protagonist was born in 1952 in New York City. She is now a suburban empty nester. No name has spent most of her life taking care of her children, now estranged, and her husband, now unemployed, depressed and becoming an alcoholic. She is introverted, has few close friends and has never developed any talents of her own as she has lived vicariously through other members of her family. 

Seeing few options as unemployment, debt, foreclosure and illness encroach upon what were supposed to be their golden years, no-name agrees to move to a rural Florida community where the deal was too good to be true. What seems like a retirement paradise at first turns into a… please no more clichés!

The genre is horror/science fiction. Please help me find a name for this nice lady and her husband whose luck has run out.

By telling me the story of these characters (rather than just relating to me their facts), this writer has shown me how much she cares about them and how she thinks of them. I really wanted to help her find no name’s and her husband’s names.

For genres like horror, where the story starts out normal and then gets fantastical, I feel that the characters needed more normal names. Still, I gave her some interesting yet appropriate choices for these characters. These names were normal choices for their time, and they give a clearer indication of age than classic names would.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Rona
  • Norine
  • Teena
  • Mitzi
  • Leona
  • Harmon
  • Garold (Gary)
  • Marlin
  • Vincent (Vince)
  • Ronald (Ron)

The writer replied: Thank you so much. I have a lot to think about.

I don’t know if she chose any of these names, but I wish her the best with her writing. It’s clear it means a lot to her.


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