Character of the Week: Fantasy Football Names

This novel has a good tagline.

The Writer Describes the Character(s)

Character 1
Male, 26
Raised in a New York-style metropolis.
Dad wishes he would do full time football because he’s really good.
Very tough, a ‘Good ol’ boy’, Southern gentleman-style manners in a very busy city, unobservant, very positive, does everything perfect and is always amazing, but wishes he was more like character 2 because of how casual character 2 is.
Tech-Fantasy (think if college kids got into Narnia)

Character 2
Male, 20
Raised in a New York-style metropolis.
His parents are ordinary and boring.
See’s Character 1 as basically a god; envies everything about him.
Smart, lacks confidence, bitter, insanely observant.
Tech-Fantasy (think if college kids got into Narnia)

This writer gave me a lot to go on. First, character 1 plays football, which if you’ve seen the names of some of the NFL players means he could have a name that is classic like Tom or totally unique like Barkevious. This character is also described as almost a country boy in the city, so he could sport a “modern cowboy” name.

Since I thought these characters’ dad would have wanted to raise a couple of football players, I gave a selection of football/cowboy names for each of these boys.
My Reply to the Writer

  • Jory
  • Fletcher
  • Kraig
  • Nestor
  • Dallas
  • Kane
  • Colter
  • Jonas
  • Tate
  • Myles

The writer replied: Dallas and Myles it is. 😀 I love ’em, thanks!

Based on the names chosen, this writer was obviously looking for “modern cowboy” names. I’m happy the names I chose hit the spot.


2 thoughts on “Character of the Week: Fantasy Football Names

  1. I like that you consider the characters’ parents when you name them – so many novice writers pick character names that no parent in their right mind would ever choose for their baby. Or the name won’t make “sense” in context, like a simple peasant boy with a grandiose name his parents would have been too humble to ever think of.

    I hate reading a book where the characters’ names sound as if they have been chosen by an author, not a parent.

    • Thanks, Anna. Some writers don’t seem to place much importance on the characters’ names, and others try too hard; I often try to justify my choices, because I feel that everything you put in your writing should mean something and that it should add to the story. Also, I just love names and naming!

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