Name Theory: Feel Your Way Through

Imagine you are in the middle of a room which is pitch black. How do you get out?

You feel your way out.

You feel your way to an answer.

Instinct, emotion, and sense can be used to help you get to nearly any goal. Especially in art, where sparking emotion is often the goal, you can use your emotional connection to your creation to find the right word, the right setting, the right turning point, or the right character name.

Art is feeling, and art is inspiring feelings in others.

Today’s message is that simple.

Trust your instincts, delve into your gut, and find what you seek by feeling your way to the door. Writer’s block, or namer’s block, can often be solved by asking yourself the simplest of questions:

What do I want? Or, what do I need?

Then feel your way through to the answer.

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