Less Common Name Choices that Sound Fresh

The college student population that I work with includes many foreign nationals, which is one reason why many of the students sport interesting names that aren’t very popular in the US.

Today I thought I would offer you a list of some of the more interesting and yet wearable names of these students. I’ve heard all of these names before, and similar names are popular in the US, so these less common choices are a great option for your characters. A character with one of these names will sound special but not weird, different but not outrageous.


Less Common Name Choices that Sound Fresh

Allegra (f)

Alyx (f)

Anjelika (f)

Anushka (f)

Athena (f)

Callen (m)

Clara (f)

Dirk (m)

Elsa (f)

Etienne (m)

Ila (f): Indian name meaning Earth or Speech; or French name meaning From the Island

Jameson (m)

Kai (m)

Leila (f)

Lizeta (f)

Mara (f)

Marcela (f)

Moriah (f)

Noemi (f)

Nolan (m)

Odin (m)

Rena (f)

Rodrigo (m)

Samara (f)

Sarina (f): Alternate spelling of Serena



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