Character of the Week: College Student Names

This is make-up week. This week I’ll make-up for not always hitting the mark in character naming, by giving you some additional names to ponder.

The Writer Describes the Character

Modern day U.S. Midwest
Liberal mom, slightly conservative dad
Sister: Emma; possible love interest: Darren
Interacts with Ashley, Darren, Chris
In college

That is all the information I was given about this character. In fact, I have another naming for a similar character for whom I knew less (no other characters were named).

Here I do not know the character’s gender (since the possible love interest is named Darren, a male name, and since most characters are straight I guessed female), I do not know the character’s age (“in college” could mean anything from genius 8 year old to dedicated 101 year old, but the average age of a traditional college student is 20-21), I do not know any characteristics of this character other than s/he is a student and may be interested in love.

With all of this lack of information, I was unable to come up with any truly inspired names, but I did come up with some that should go nicely with the set of character names and are appropriate for a character of that guessed gender and age.

My Reply to the Writer

I’m assuming you are looking for girl names. I hope this helps.

  • Mallory
  • Olivia
  • Kayla
  • Ariel
  • Abigail

The writer never replied, so not only will I never know if any of these names were chosen I will never know if this character was female!

I know that if I had known more about the character I would have come up with a better selection of names, but knowing that doesn’t help you to name your characters.

Remember last week when I said that I’m working with a college population and that they have some interesting and inspiring names? I’ll be posting about those names this week.

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