Character of the Week: Alt Universe Names

This plot is different from others I saw as I was naming characters. I like the parallel universe concept (I know it’s not unique, I just wanted to point out that I like it), though I wish I knew more about how her universe was different from ours and if everyone there is aware of the parallel universe(s).

The Writer Describes the Character

Female, 22
She lives in the U.S. of Earth’s twin in a present time parallel universe.
Her father was a business man, and her mother was a graphic designer. Both were very forward-thinking and trendy. They were somewhat lenient parents. She’s not very developed, because her background is not essential to the plot. She probably has black curly hair, she’s white and probably of English or Irish descent.
Vega (mother); Derek (father); Addison (male/love interest); Gabriel (friend); Emma (friend).
She is the head of intergalactic/inter-universal relations and studying Earth in our own universe.

Lacking more information about the character’s parallel universe, or even information about which of the characters mentioned above are from our universe or from hers, I chose to select a variety of names for this character. I wanted to give the writer diverse names to choose from, and I specifically wanted this character to have a cooler name than her mother.

My Reply to the Writer

  • Cherie
  • Roxie
  • Zara
  • Pyxis
  • Avia

The writer replied: I thought Avia sounded really good, and have decided to use it. Thanks!

I actually like Avia as the daughter of Vega. I disagree with this writer in that I do believe a main character’s background is important to the plot. The character’s background, including her parents and how they raised her, are important to who she is and how she acts (or reacts) in every situation.

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