Character of the Week: All-American Names

Sometimes the greatest thing you can do is to make each of your characters distinct.

The Writer Describes the Character

Male, 170s (in a future when the average life expectancy for human men is around 230)
He was born in the middle of the Mors Epidemic/Virus; hundreds upon thousands were killed. Grew up alone, father died from the Mors when he was ten, mother died in his thirties. (Father was a scientist that was trying to replicate and improve modern technology, mother worked in medical supplies.)
Other characters are named: Cainnech McLeod; Anchel Indari; Bailshar Parandeh; Caden E. Chastain; Whitney Ashmore (Criminal investigator).
He works in large technologies like ships/cars/satellites.
Sci-Fi Thriller

I actually need this character to have a full name!

My first step when naming characters for other writers is to look up the origin and meaning of the names that writer has already chosen for characters. In this way I discover the writer’s naming style. This writer gave each character a very ethnically distinct first/last name combo.

My Reply to the Writer

You didn’t say what ethnicity/country the character was from, and I see that all of the other characters have strong identities, so I chose a very all-American sounding name.

  • Willie Hughes
  • Mike Hughes
  • Ronnie Hughes
  • Alan Hughes
  • Jimmy Hughes

Since this writer didn’t reply I don’t know if any of these names were used. I sort of assume that the writer wanted a name that was more culturally distinct (something Asian or African, perhaps).

I think this is an interesting naming convention for a futuristic society. From what I imagine, each character interacts with a diverse population but they give their children names that are tied to their historical past. This helps to keep each character distinct in the minds of readers.

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