Character of the Week: Runner Names

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was naming characters on the NaNoWriMo forum I asked the writers to answer a list of questions about the characters which would help me name them. Sometimes what I got was a jumble of some answers and some random bits, like today’s naming.

The Writer Describes the Character(s)

I need two characters named. One man. One woman. Both are runners. Woman speedy. Man slow. Woman compulsive, tidy, etc. Man not quite slovenly, but a little rough around the edges. Think hare and tortoise. I thought of Harriet for her, but thought that might be too obvious. I just came up with this plot tonight so I know nothing else that you ask. Oh, except the genre. Literary fiction disguised as romance or vice versa. It will be set in central Ohio, USA. One of them is probably from there while one is not. Both are mid-30s although a May to December thing wouldn’t be bad either. It’s set in the present. They’re probably opposite political parties and he likes dogs while she likes cats. 

Normally, I would rearrange this into a more readable form. Normally, I would have separated out the characters and their characteristics, and have taken out some of the ambiguity (like this writer’s description of the genre).

Most of the namings were not like this one. Most were generally in the form I requested (the form normally featured here). Still, in whichever form, I nearly almost edit the writer’s posts to me so you can understand them more easily and to take out spelling mistakes and other errors.

Today I thought I’d let you see something closer to what I saw, although I did correct a spelling mistake and another error.

As you can see, some of the details here are a little vague, and the writer isn’t set on either the characters or the plot. I did my best with what I was given, considering the feel of the names and what I believed might suit this odd couple.

My Reply to the Writer

Harriet is too long of a name. It reads slow. Also, it’s too old for your character. I suggest a peppy name that indicates quickness.

  • Gina
  • Dana
  • Jodi
  • Dawn
  • Amy
  • Terrance
  • Douglas
  • Stephen
  • Brutus
  • Shaun

The writer replied: Wow! You’re good. Thanks so much.

I don’t know if the writer chose one of these names, or what name was chosen, but today’s post is not about these characters so much as it is an illustration on editing and a door into what I hope to say on Wednesday.


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