Name Theory: Being General about the Specifics

I think I’m a bad crit partner. It’s not for lack of trying. No. I want to help, and I read hoping to have some great insight that will help the other members of my group discover how to improve the novels they are writing.

The thing is, I just don’t have “it” in me.

I can tell you if I like a story, or if I don’t like it. I can tell if the voice is something that works for me, or if it doesn’t work for me. I can tell you if your sentence is literally saying something other than what you mean it to say.

However, I cannot give analysis. I cannot tell based off of one (or two or three) chapters if your characters are consistent, if your plot is well-crafted, or if your pacing is right.

I can tell you if I’m feeling it, if I want to read more, but I cannot tell you all of those things that my fellow crit group members want me to tell them about their work.

I try, but I don’t get there.

This is why, while I enjoy reading (like most writers), I do not blog book reviews or write generally about writing.

I love names, and character naming, and I think I’m good at that. So I write a character naming blog.

I blog about a specific topic in a general way. I cannot blog generally about a whole book or series of books in a specific and well-thought-out manner.

But I’d like to try.

I’ve recently finished reading a series that was self-published. I read the first book when I discovered via Book Bub that it was free, and I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the other three books in the series. I enjoyed the series so much that I’d like to tell you about it.

So tomorrow I plan to blog my first book review. It may even be my only blogged book review, ever, because as I’ve explained I am not good at this sort of thing. But I liked this series enough that I wanted to share it with others.

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