Character of the Week: Mechanic Names

I lived in an Army town for a time, and I knew guys like this character.

Male, early 20s (born in the late 1960s/early 1970s)

This is the friend, so his name shouldn’t be cooler than the main character’s. In this case, the name I focused on was the surname, since Army guys are likely to call each other surnames. Surnames are not my specialty, but I like the one I gave here: Webber. It is strong, Germanic, simple (especially compared to Zakarian), friendly and yet complex. And I think an occupational name is perfect for a guy who can only commit to his work.

For the given name, I gave a selection on popular names from when the character was born. Obviously this writer likes popular names that indicate the age of the character, since Greg was chosen for the MC, and I thought this good-with-his-hands country boy needed an everyman name.

I tried to choose “down home” names with primarily Germanic origins.

  • Roger Webber
  • Kevin Webber
  • Todd Webber
  • Frank Webber
  • Johnny Webber

The writer replied: Leaning either towards Kevin or Johnny. Definitely going to use the last name though.Thanks!

I’m glad the writer liked Webber, and I think he’d do fine with any of the given name choices. Then again, I’m biased: I know a Kevin who works on machinery, a Todd who is a mechanic, and a Frank who is an Army brat with a Germanic father.

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