Character of the Week: Latin Lover Names

This is Valentine’s week, and it is also my anniversary—my blog’s anniversary. In honor of this I chose a Latin Lover for my character of the week.

Male, early 20s (in 1714)
He lives in the Caribbean and is Spanish.
He’s the lover of my MC Guinevere.
He’s a fire-eater and travels around with some other acrobats and artists. He’s very kind and gentle, and I try to make him funny. He loves to draw but isn’t very good at that.
Historical Romance

The only name this writer mentions is a Welsh one, which I believe was chosen in part to depict a sense of time. I too looked for a sense of time when I chose names for the main character’s lover. I searched the names of Spanish explorers for inspiration of names in use at that time, and chose names that would sound appropriate to modern readers.

A note: I wouldn’t always suggest Inigo, as it is very strongly associated with one specific character, but I felt it was appropriate for this character and had just the right blend of sexy and artistic.

  • Inigo
  • Leon
  • Cristobal
  • Gonzalo
  • Luis

The writer did not reply to me, so I don’t know what name was chosen for this character. As I sit here saying each name out loud (Inn-ee-go, Lee-own, Cris-toh-baal, Gohn-zah-loh, Loo-ees), they each still read as I hoped they would: Romantic, Spanish names in use at that time, which make the wearer sound intriguing.


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