Character of the Week: Werewolf Girl Names

Last time I reviewed one of my first werewolf namings. This was one of my last werewolf namings.

Female, about 14
She lives in a forest. Her parents are dead and her love is gone (we don’t know where).
Other characters are named Victor, Avenly, Mac, Xari, and Nico.
Werewolf, shy but loud.

There isn’t a lot of information here, either about the character or about the story. The one thing I know is that this writer was not looking for names that mean wolf or moon, because the names already chosen come with a variety of meanings and a variety of cultural histories—though I could see parents in America today choosing any of these names.

For this naming I tried to look for female names that would go with the style of names already used.

You may notice that this writer chose names with a variety of last letters (for diversity, perhaps?), but that the two characters who I guess are females both had the ee sound at the end of their names. I gave one choice with that ending sound, another that has a different ending letter from the other characters’ names, and some with the popular –a ending. (It’s obvious that one sound stood out to me in particular, as three choices sound very similar.)

  • Samara
  • Amaya
  • Lilit
  • Inara
  • Vivi

This writer never replied to me about the name choice, so I do not know if any of my names were used. I do still think any of these choices would be a good fit with the other names and for this character, whom I imagines goes from silent to screaming when provoked.


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