Character of the Week: YA Werewolf Names

This was one of my earlier namings. I would probably make some changes if I was doing this one today, but the writer liked what I gave her so, there you go.

(Need first and last for first two)
Female, 16
Raised in a small town in Illinois.
Her parents are werewolves—her father from a line of Betas, her mother from a long line of powerful Omegas.
Other characters include Lucifer Hohn (boyfriend), Marilyn (older sister), Hollywood Hemmings (enemy), Brianna Jennings (best friend), Hannah Wilson (friend), Kenzie Johnson (‘friend’).
High school student, bitch, mean girl, slut, etc.
YA Paranormal

Male, 17
Brother of character above.
Hollywood Hemmings is his love interest. He also interacts with: Ryan Manson, Tesla Hemmings, Benjamin Zimmerman, Jason Johnson, and Jimmy Hemmings.
Intern at a tattoo shop, student. Emo punk rocker, wild, crazy, random, anger issues.
YA Paranormal

Female, 16
Lives in a small town in Illinois, but spent some of her childhood in Chicago.
Her parents were low ranked Omegas.
Surname is Zimmerman. She also interacts with: Benjamin Zimmerman (older brother), Duke Winchester (boyfriend), Hollywood Hemmings, Tesla Hemmings, Jimmy Hemmings, Lucifer Hohn, Jacob Wilcoxen, Avenged Against, Jade Crocker, Lily Worth, Kelsie Onyx, Lindsey Onyx, Brette Against, and Marci Stephan.
Student. Geeky, emo, shy, picked on a lot.
YA Paranormal

My impression was that most (or all) of the characters in this novel were werewolves living in a community together. Taking that into account, along with the fact that YA and MG Fantasy novels tend to have some names with obvious meanings, I gave this writer some choices that were… I’ll say less my style… than I normally would have. I also offered some fairly common names to complement the other characters’ names.

I thought you might want to give all three siblings names with Y in them to have a matching sibset, but I also gave you other names related to the moon as well.

  • Chandra Lune
  • Aylin Lune
  • Luanne Lune
  • Kylie Lune
  • Brynlee Lune
  • Remus Lune
  • Syrius Lune
  • Bryan Lune
  • Zachary Lune
  • Tyler Lune
  • Eden Zimmerman
  • Willow (Willa) Zimmerman
  • Sadie Zimmerman
  • Zoe Zimmerman
  • Rebecca Zimmerman

The writer replied: I am using Chandra, Remus (because I can’t believe I didn’t think of that in the first place), and Eden. Thanks for the names!

This was the first of three or four werewolf namings I did. I believe I tried to think more out of the box with the others, so I wouldn’t be offering the same moon-related names to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Character of the Week: YA Werewolf Names

  1. I like the names he ended up choosing but what I didn’t like were the names the author had already picked for the enemy and the best friend. Hemmings and Jennings are too close I think. How did you feel about that?

    • I usually didn’t mention the other names, unless I just couldn’t help myself! I was offering to help them with names, not to critique. But if asked, I would have said this one “over-named” some characters and “under-named” others. For example: The only time I’ve seen Hollywood as a name was a flamboyant gay character in an ’80s movie, so that I would say is a bit much. The last names were also a bit much (and yes, Hemmings and Jennings could be too close), but I tend to think that while writers seem to like choosing last names, those names are not often used even at all in the writing. How often will YA characters call their friends by their full names? In my own novels, only a couple of characters last names were mentioned more than once, and I never listed them, so don’t usually worry about the surnames so much. Now if the characters were policemen or service people, and would sometimes go by their surnames, then I would make sure those surnames were more distinctive.

      That’s my short answer. 😉

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