Name Theory: Writer’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2013, writers!

Do you have any big plans for the New Year? Any new stories you plan to write? Any characters who are begging to be explored (I dreamt about a man who wanted to trade his dog for a unicorn last night!)? Any old stories you plan to edit for publication? A list of editors you plan to query?

What is your Writer’s Resolution for 2013? Is this a building year for you, one in which you plan to learn some new things and grow into your own, or is this the year you plan to go for your big goal?

Although I’ll work on new stories this year, for me 2013 will be about flexing my editing muscles and doing some major rewrites on two of the novels I’ve drafted. I need to help my “old friends” be ready to be seen by the world, because this year I hope to discover my own unicorn: The story or character that will help me evolve from a writer to a published author.

But first I’m going to take an hour to draft out how Sammy the dog will morph into Sera the unicorn, and help her master become a better man. It may not be the story I’m looking for, but it’s the creative boost I need to leap into this New Year.


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