Character of the Week: Reserved Mom Names

I’ve been thinking I need to start the upcoming New Year with something stronger than my normal sparkling grape juice, since 2012 has been hard on me. With that in mind, I chose today’s character.

Female, 50ish
The FMC’s narcissistic mom. She’s very reserved about her history and doesn’t like to share lest someone use it against her. She’s a bit paranoid and will write someone off if she gets an inkling that they will confront her on her behavior, if she is thrown off her throne.
She’s lived in the same coastal town all her life. Her husband died before the book begins, as a soldier of war.
She’s quiet, reserved. She only talks if she knows she’ll be right. She criticizes her daughter (Dixon) and her daughter’s friends (Autumn and Aeryn). Her own mother’s name is Eleanor.

Other than a coastal town, I don’t know where this character was born, so I chose names more based on the name style of the other characters.

This mom has a mother with a classic and elegant name, and a daughter with a trendy sounding and boyish name. She will need a traditional name that smacks of “mom”.

  • Ruth
  • Virginia
  • Martha
  • Theresa
  • Laura

The writer replied: Oh, thank you so much. I think I shall pick Virginia and she will insist that people call her Gin because she thinks it’s hilarious to be named after a bottle of liquor.

I love that this writer justified her choice by finding a good reason why the name suited the character—just as I might have done. I also love that the traditional name with a slightly quirky nickname seems to bridge the character’s mother’s name and her daughter’s name.

With this Gin, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Though I, myself, will be drinking some yummy rummy.

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