Character of the Week: Celtic Steampunk Names

I haven’t as yet read any Steampunk, so I don’t know anything about the conventions of that movement in literature. I have, however, looked at many Steampunk costumes on Pinterest, and I love them!

Female, 19, Fantasy/Steampunk so no real time-period

Born in an abusive family based on a Christian cult, but she’s cast off the name they gave her when she was taken in to be raised by a group of people that run special missions for the government after they killed her family as part of a job. Their names are mainly celtic/elven mixes.

Her father figure is called Tale, and she is currently (willingly) being pursued by a god called Rhean.

She is a trainee of the Green Cloaks, the group that runs special missions for the government. Rather shy around men, she still flinches when someone moves to touch her unexpectedly. She tries to always stay in the background, which is rather hard since people know she is the favourite of a god. Very much determined to become the best in her field, she has no real hobbies or a social life.


I’m under the impression that Steampunk is mainly set in a Victorian England-type place, but this novel does not seem to fit that. Since there is no real time-period or place this is based on (according to the writer), I felt free to be a little loose in the choices I made.

  • Dilys
  • Grear
  • Edme
  • Annora
  • Faustine

The writer replied: Thank you for the names! I’ve decided to go with Edme.

Edme, like the writer’s other name choices, has been used for boys or girls depending on the culture and time period. I generally feel that they sound best for the gender this writer is using them for, because they remind me of other names used for those genders: Tale is like Tate; Rhean is like Ryan (a mostly boy name); and, Edme is like Esme.

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