Character of the Week: Burnt Girl Names

I would read this book, if only because the main character is not pretty. Sometimes girls are not pretty, and they can still kick ass and be the heroines of their own stories.

Female, 17
She lives in a world called Opinion.
Her both parents are dead, she had to kill them.
Her mother’s name was Aman and her father’s name was Pius. She had a brother whose name was Nemo.
She’s an outcast because her face is burnt and she’s not pretty. She’s a survivor, a kick-ass girl. She’s independent and has a free mind and an own opinion. She’s not afraid to fight and she’s happy living alone, though she misses her family terribly much. She’s a fighter, a warrior.

This was not an easy naming, because the character lives in a fantasy world and the other named characters have names with different styles and origins. Aman is an Arabic or Hindi name that seems to be primarily used for males. Pius and Nemo are both Latin.

I looked at a variety of names with Arabic, Latin, and other origins. I focused on unusual names, to help the fantasy setting feel truly separate from our world, and I looked for names that were feminine but with a slightly masculine feel (like her mother’s name).

  • Bellona
  • Senta
  • Azar
  • Fina
  • Shula

The writer replied: Thank you so much. I’m using Azar.

The writer chose the least feminine choice for this character, and I think it’s clear that the writer prefers more masculine or gender neutral names for female characters (at least in this world). It’s good that the writer seems to have a strong style and a strong opinion on names, because that could translate into some excellent world building.


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