Character of the Week: Renaissance Mermaid Names

Now for something different.

Female, Ancient
She was born in Italy in the 1600s. Her adoptive parents were Artisans in a seaside town; though her real mother was of the same species (a variant on mermaids). She was raised by them until she was forcibly dragged into the sea for permanent residence around pubescence.
Her daughter, Lucille, was born in the 1920s.
Sea witch/queen. Covered in black reflective scales (like crystal) up to around her eyes. Looks definitely inhuman—covered in black/white fins that resemble a lionfish. Species looks more human at younger ages.

This one was interesting. The other name didn’t give me much to go on style wise since that character was born centuries after this one. I decided to look for Italian names in use during the renaissance (although back then there actually wasn’t an Italy, just many city states and republics). I chose the names that sounded most like a sea witch.

These are Renaissance Italian names that sound fantastical.

  • Gilia
  • Marsilia
  • Druda
  • Andreuola
  • Lagia

The writer replied: I’m rather fond of Marsilia! Thank you!

These names are difficult to say, but they are appropriate for the character and the genre. In Fantasy, unlike in contemporary genres, you are more likely to find complicated names like these, so the readers of Fantasy are more accepting of this type of name. Although I’ve read some that make up their own gibberish names for some characters, or just call them Mary or Bob.

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