Character of the Week: Sci-fi CEO Names

It’s been a while since I featured a villain naming.

Female, mid-30s, the story is set slightly into the future
Both parents are recently deceased due to a pandemic.
She’s something of the main villain and is a little shrouded in mystery.
Other characters are Soph (short for Sophie), Nat (short for Natalya), and Eli.
She’s the CEO of a company involved in medical research and the production of medical equipment, but has more sinister plans.
Science Fiction

If it makes any difference, she’s also a redhead and usually wears grey suits.

By now you should know that it doesn’t really make a difference to me if the character wears grey suits or black suits, or if she has red hair or blonde or black. It truly is what is on the inside that counts.

For this character who is a business person, I felt that she would need a classic, moneyed, power name. She needed a name that was not trendy, but still not rare. She needed a name that wasn’t too frilly or girly, but more mature sounding and womanly. She needed to sound like a controlling bitch, while still sounding like someone who would use her “sweet side” to charm people around her.

  • Daphne Vaillancourt
  • Morgan Vaillancourt
  • Meredith Vaillancourt
  • Bethany Vaillancourt
  • Margaret Vaillancourt

The writer replied: I think I’ll use Daphne Valliancourt. Thanks! Your service is awesome!

While the first names I gave here were appropriate and fit what I envisioned for the character, I’m more pleased with the surname I suggested. It’s a bit pretentious, and very wicked—the perfect recipe for a Sci-Fi/CEO villain name.

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