Character of the Week: Little Sister Names

Last week I expressed my disdain for seeking information from random sources. Here’s an example from when I was naming characters on the forum.
Female, 13
She was raised in Orlando, Florida. Mother is a stay at home mom. Father works marketing for a larger corporation.
Her siblings are Savannah (older sister/protagonist) and Nathan (younger brother).
Other characters she interacts with are Grace, Davy, and Cade.
Young Adult Romance

Before I had a chance to reply to this poster, two random posters replied.

First Random Poster: How about Rhonda? Or Isabella?

Second Random Poster: Isabella is really pretty! Instead of Bella as a nickname, call her Isa.

Since this was my forum, I still gave the writer my ideas, in case she didn’t want one of the random names. And, frankly, while I don’t have a problem with Isabella (it is appropriate here) I would never suggest the name of a protagonist in a very popular book; Rhonda, however, is a different name altogether. It is wildly inappropriate for this character, being completely dated (it was most popular when this character’s grandparents were born, and off the charts by the time she was born) and lacking the light feel of the other names the writer chose.

My choices took into account the popular names in Florida for this character’s birth year, and the fact that her sister, the protagonist, should have a slightly cooler name. In addition, I threw in my advice about the name from the random poster.

  • Sierra
  • Ashley
  • Brooke
  • Heather

If you want a name like Isabella you might chose Isabel to avoid the Twilight name.

I don’t recall if the writer replied about what name she chose. I can only hope it wasn’t Rhonda!

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