Character of the Week: Austrian Names

This is another short one, where I’m left wondering what the story is; however, I do love the names, both the writer’s choices and my own.

Female, 17
Born a few hundred years in the future, and raised by conservative parents in Liechtenstein and Austria.
She interacts with: Konstantin Diederich, Anja Krueger, Elias Hart, and Feliks Weiss.
She thinks she knows more than she does, not thinking very much.
Science Fiction

The main gist of this character seems to be that she is raised in Liechtenstein and Austria, and that the other characters all have strongly ethnic names. Along with the names I gave this writer I also offered a bit of characterization to go along with them.

I’ve included a short description of how I see a girl with each name. I offer Frommelt as a potential surname.

  • Verena: A beautiful know-it-all
  • Clara-Lena: Trusting and sweet
  • Georgine: A well-bred, pretty girl
  • Guillemette: Self-assured
  • Viveka: Lively and talkative, plays with her hair
  • Leonie: Cute but ferocious

The writer replied: Oh, Verena is perfect. I think I’ll use that. Thank you.


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