Character of the Week: Norwegian Prince Names

This one was actually significantly longer. The writer was trying to figure out the story and characters as she wrote this for me, so she included a lot of details that were unneeded for my purposes. Still, I think it’s interesting to read and I wonder how her novel turned out.
YA Fantasy, set in present day California/Norway and the Summer & Winter Lands (alternate realm)

FMC, 16-17
Born in San Francisco and currently resides there, but grew up living all around the world due to her mother’s duties/job.
Mom is a consultant employed by the Summer Queen to represent her interests in the mortal world. Dad is a high school lacrosse coach at a private boys’ school. In California they are considered conservative but elsewhere might be border-line liberal.
She is a high school student during the school year, and a passive spy at the Summer Queen’s court. At school, she floats between different crowds and has one or two somewhat close friends, but since she has this secret summer life that she can’t ever talk about she hasn’t really formed any deep relationships. Fairly outgoing, dislikes seeing injustices but not always confident enough to speak up, fluent in multiple languages due to moving often, really excels at math, plays violin decently, A’s in other subjects without too much effort, but is not athletically inclined at all. This is a point of tension with her and her father. Blending in is Very Important to her, and she is constantly researching and assessing this. Keeping up her grades is the only thing that is more important to her. Not sure what she wants to do after high school, considering doing a gap year at the Queen’s court, before heading to Stanford.

MMC, equivalent of 18 or 19
He lives in the Winter Lands, specifically the Winter Palace, which is close to Trondheim, Norway, in the mortal world. He is the 17th living son.
Dad is the Winter King who controls winter, and perhaps is immortal as long as no one offs him. Dad is kind of distant. Mom is maybe deceased, and maybe she was even human or (gasp) from the Summer Lands.
He rarely smiles (usually it’s just half-smiles) but when he does it can light up a room. Unsure of his place in the world but knows he never ever wants his father’s job or responsibilities but then, he barely has any special talents and though he does have magic, it’s inconsistent. He’s powerful so when it works, it’s either really strong and/or useful or completely irrelevant (once he was practicing freezing a pond and instead created a blizzard with the water, another time he managed to make the color change permanently from green/blue pond water to fuchsia). He is his mother’s only child. He and his half-brothers are all relatively civil to each other. 

There was a lot here, so when it came time for me to find names for the characters I had to focus in on one or two names.

For the girl I focused on California names that would “blend in” with the others in her class, since that is “Very Important” to the character I thought it would be so to the parents as well.

For the boy I focused on Norwegian names that felt princely and romantic.
I aimed for summery names that have an “every-girl” vibe

  • Daisy
  • Brooke
  • Liliana (Lil)
  • Piper
  • Katie

I used Norwegian names for him, some of which sound “fairy tale”-ish.

  • Prince Anders
  • Prince Arvid
  • Prince Edvard
  • Prince Eirik
  • Prince Tor

The writer replied: Thank you so much! I met a girl yesterday who has a really great name that I’m going to use for the FMC, but like Daisy and Piper for her friends names so will definitely use those. I also like Arvid for my antagonist. I really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks again!

I wish I knew what name was chosen for the girl, and I feel certain it was interesting and appealing. I did, however, notice something disturbing about my own choices for that character. And I might build up the courage to discuss it on Wednesday.

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