Character of the Week: Sorta/Kinda Hebrew Names

A few people asked me to make up names, which I found very difficult. Here, I only had to sorta/kinda make them up, which was much easier.

Male, 25, Medieval-based period
His parents were both farmers, raising wheat. They staunchly supported the Royal Family and State Religion.
People he interacts with: Osher, Noam, Ellia, Agrim, Shira, Priel, Rena, and Vered.
He is a rebel, choosing to live on the mountainside instead of cooperating with the State Religion.
Note: The majority of names I have used so far are vaguely Hebrew-based. This isn’t a necessity, but it would help his name fit in with the general themes of religious power within this community.

I was glad for the note, so I knew what the writer was looking for. In this case the names chosen were “vaguely Hebrew-based”, which I took to mean some real names in Hebrew and some made up names that seemed Hebrew-ish. I had recognized several names as being Hebraic (in fact, I know a toddler named Shira) but I wasn’t sure if the others were from a source I didn’t know. The note told me they were created to suit the world.

I was glad the writer had a strong naming style for his Dystopian world, and it certainly helped me select a list of names for this character.

  • Zaac
  • Halivah
  • Sathnah
  • Beneb
  • Sidoah

Rereading my list, I feel like Beneb was probably the strongest choice for this farmer’s son turned rebel. Zaac may sound too modern, and may be best kept for a sexier character. Sathnah may sound too feminine, but Sath could be a good name for this character. The others may be better suited for more intellectual characters. No matter what, I still like the choices as they suit the world and I would be interested in reading the book.


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