Character of the Week: Teddy Bear Names

This week we’re on our first family vacation: A Disney Cruise! In honor of this occasion, I thought I would feature a cute and cuddly character.

Mine is not really a character… just a memory treasure.
A guy and his friend are in his childhood home, and he is looking through a box of childhood memories. He finds an old teddy bear he kept and happens to mention his name.
I have two names in mind, but I don’t know if it goes or if he would name it one of them. I don’t want Teddy, or Brownie, or an obvious Teddy name, just a normal guy name that suits a teddy bear.

Once again I’m left wondering what names the writer had in mind for this teddy bear, and they might have helped me narrow down a list a names. I decided to go for a selection of different kinds of names, including some “normal guy” names and a few that I think are more likely names that a child would have given his companion.

  • George: I will love him and hug him and call him…
  • Gizmo: I knew a dog with this name whose brother was named Bear
  • Benny: Simple, cute but not cutesy, alliterative
  • Chuck Norris: I could totally see a little boy thinking this was the perfect name
  • Jason: A friendly name

The writer replied: I like Benny. I think I’ll use that one. Thanks. 🙂

I liked Benny, too, but I would have liked any of these bear names. I only think in my version of the story the bear would have a larger role.


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