Character of the Week: Tarot Names

This character duo was fun to name.

Ohmigod, I so need this! I’d be thankful for any suggestions, since I’m terrible at naming people.

FMC, 28 years old, Contemporary
She actually hangs out with younger people (including her boyfriend). She is a Tarot reader, but is certainly NOT a type who wants or lets the cards dictate her life (she just loves the way they open up her subconscious, and also needs the money she earns by reading cards).
Her parents live in the countryside, and she is the middle child. Her mother chose her name and she has a soft spot for classical poetry (but I don’t know whether that’s relevant).
She is “silent waters”, i.e. tends to think (a lot) before acting and oftentimes, people have no idea what she thinks; she may appear uninterested/uncaring/lonely (although she rarely feels that way).

FMC’s boyfriend, 21-24 years old
He is emotionally way less mature than her. He’s also one of those people who find something to chase after and then becomes fully convinced that it is so; his latest discovery is skepticism.
His parents are scholars/academics, quite distant. He’s the only child, born when they both already had established careers
He’s emotionally driven but doesn’t really know what are those emotions that drive him, and thinks of himself as “rational”. He’s currently studying, but thinking of abandoning his studies and skipping lessons a lot in favor of parties with friends.

Tongue-in-Cheek Fantasy (puns/characterization in naming is OK if it’s sophisticated, i.e. Claire=>clairvoyant for girl, or Descartes for the guy, thanks to his parents)

Gee, I just found out about my characters more than I did while I was whining about knowing too little about them! So I owe you already 😉 Thanks!

Despite everything that I learned about the characters, the main thing I needed to know for this naming was the addendum to the genre. The writer was looking for meaning names, and since the novel is a “tongue-in-cheek” fantasy that means that the names could veer into the silly. While the writer did ask for names that are “sophisticated”, that could mean something different to different people, so I gave her a variety of names with potential.

I can do obvious. These are also age appropriate.

  • Misty
  • Summer
  • Cassandra: In mythology she had the power of prophecy
  • Clarissa: Means bright, clear, famous
  • Crystal
  • Chase: Meaning to hunt
  • Justin: Meaning lawful, right, just
  • Will: Meaning determination
  • Brian
  • Earnest: Meaning resolute

The writer replied: Thank you a lot!  I’m thinking about the girl name that I might actually go with Claire, it suits her well—but the boy will be Will.

Here it just goes to show that no matter what I come up with, sometimes the name the writer is looking for is something s/he has already looked at. Seeing my list of offered names cemented this writer’s choice of Claire. And it is a beautiful and appropriate choice, tongue-in-cheek or not.


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