Character of the Week: Nerd Names

This was another short one for my imagination to play with.

Male, 15
His father is an alcoholic who went to jail for abusing his mom. His mom is a very strong woman.
His love interest is Zoë.
He is a high school student. He’s a nerd with a great sense of humour but kind of damaged in a way and distant.
YA Fantasy

This writer said the character was born in the USA, despite the Brittish/Canadian spelling of humour. (Hey, I get it. I went through a time when I like the spelling colour.) So, other than the above I knew I was looking for an American name, and I assumed it was a contemporary name to boot.

It is listed as a YA Fantasy, but since the only other name is a popular one and there is no indication this character was a fairy prince or born in the Summerlands, I also chose to look for a name that wasn’t too out there.

Nerd names are an interesting group. In TV especially you get characters that are dorks and dweebs who may have some ultra out of fashion names. In fiction, however, characters are usually less one sided.

Here the character was raised in an abusive household, and then continued to live with a “strong” mother. I, for one, would like to know if she is body builder strong or overbearing strong or just plain survivor strong. Each would have a different effect on her son.

I went for names that weren’t popular or unpopular, but somewhere in between. I also chose softer sounding names, but names that have the potential to be something else. Because that’s what often happens with “nerdy” main characters: They evolve into heroes.

  • Parker
  • Noah
  • Samuel
  • Hayden
  • Eli

I do not have a reply from this writer (though I remember getting one). I can only hope she saw the potential for one of these names to suit this nerd on his literary journey.


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