Character of the Week: Other Guy Names

This one was short. Very short.

I need a name for the guy my female main character cheats on her boyfriend with. He is not a key character; this is his only scene, I think. Her name is Allie and she is 18. He went to her high school. I just can’t think of a name.

What I could glean from this description was that the character was a male who is 18-21ish. I also had to decide what kind of guy would cheat with a girl, and what kind of guy would she want to cheat with. I decided he had low morals, and was kind of a man whore. He was the sexy, bad boy, who rode a motorcycle to school and never studied. He may have even slept with one of Allie’s friends, and her competitive streak coupled with the fact that she knows he’s good made her go after him.

  • Kai
  • Cruz
  • Axel
  • Rocco
  • Silas

Sometimes I had to let my imagination flow to discover a name for a character. For this one I based him (in my mind) on a guy I knew of in high school, and two girls who knew him better than I did. The girls were very competitive fraternal twins, and after one of them “hooked up” with him the other one had to as well.

I even threw his name in as one of the choices above.


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