Name Theory: Delicious Villains, Delicious Names

I called this week’s character’s names delicious, and I meant it. I chose names not only based on their perceived appropriateness for the character, but also because they felt good to say.




Villains, names, especially, have a certain flow to them.






I think part of why villains require names that are delicious is because they them selves are delicious. Villains are never just bad. They are enticing, illusive, and ultimately fascinating.

Or at least a good villain is.

A good villain can play sweet and trustworthy until the final battle. A good villain can draw countless others to him (or her) to do his bidding, all while convincing them to be willing to die for his cause. A good villain holds something of himself back, but you know that his back story is rich and luscious. A good villain is well developed.

And a good villain deserves a good villainous name.

Make it long (3-4 sylables), give it some long vowel sounds, and throw in some biting consonants (Z, D, V, C/K, X). Mix and season to taste.

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