Character of the Week: YA Wicca Names

Last week I used a town with a secret witch society as an example of naming for time and place. Today’s character is one of the secret witch society members that I named.

Female, 17
Raised in the Midwest/Michigan, in a town with a secret witch society (so there are some strange names roaming around).
Her parents have jobs that are very important in town and in the witch society since both of them are high up in the coven, but they like to be talked about, so their children would probably have names that would stick out.
Her parents are Alexzander and Coraline Wyatt, and her older brother is Ronan Wyatt.
Her friends and cohorts are Lyla, Maggie (Magnolia), William, Trevin, Oleander, Julian, and Daphne.
She is a High School Senior who is driven, doesn’t take no for an answer, and can be quite devious if there is something she strives for and it’s taken from her.
YA Paranormal

This writer told me, twice, how her character should be named: a name that is “strange” which “sticks out”. I think I gave the writer what was wanted, but I also looked for a name that had attitude and style. Style is important in YA.

  • Devyn Wyatt: An Irish name like Ronan, I like the look of the VYWY
  • Astrid Wyatt: Means beautiful god; a strong, confident name
  • Tatyana Wyatt: Reminds me of the Fairy Queen in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, not someone to cross
  • Beatriz Wyatt: A Brittish name to match Wyatt, maybe named after a relation
  • Anissa Wyatt: A flowery name, a bit bitchy sounding

The writer replies: For this character I think I’m going to go with Astrid Wyatt, but I had been debating a younger sister for the family so I think I am going to use Devyn as well! Thank you for the help!

I was glad this writer chose to use two of the names, and especially that my best-liked names were chosen.

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