Character of the Week: Demon Vampire Names

I went a little off base for this, compared to the choices the writer had made for other characters. Since I never heard from the writer again s/he probably thought so too.

He was raised in a small town in this another world, which is somewhat on Europe in medieval times.
His parents died when he was very young, about 12. His mother didn’t pay much attention to him and his father was abusive.
He has a younger sister named Eileen/Aileen. His love interest was named Ashlyn.
He’s a demon/vampire sort of thing, a thief and a rogue. He’s very dark and handsome. Mysterious, roguish, and easily annoyed, he can be sarcastic and unintentionally cruel, and is sort of awkward when it comes to women, but he’s rather gentle at heart.
Fantasy Romance

With this naming I focused on the fact that this was a medieval world and the fact that the character was a demonic rogue. I love my choices on that level.

However, I failed to note that the writer chose modern/alternate names that had Irish origins (assuming Eileen/Aileen is coming from Evelyn), as I failed to recognize Ashlyn as a version of Aisling and instead saw it as a modern mashup name.

If I were to name this character today, I would choose a different set of names (see below).

  • Cavan
  • Leofrick
  • Rauf
  • Everard
  • Laurentius

As I said, the writer never replied to me, so I do not know if any of these names were chosen. Given the Irish leanings of the other names, I still think Cavan is a great choice. I’d also suggest:

  • Eoghan
  • Senan
  • Ruairi
  • Lorcan

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