Character of the Week: Canadian Lesbian Names

In honor of Canada Day, I selected a Canadian character this week.

Female, 29 years old, Contemporary
She was raised in a small [fictional] Canadian city, it looks like an adorable small town, but once night falls it is like being in the middle of a very large city due to the amount of crime.
Her adoptive mother is fairly conservative but flexible when it comes to her daughter. (An “I don’t agree with what you are doing, but if it makes you happy and brings you no harm, then I won’t question you” situation.) Her father has a submissive role in the family.
Mother’s name is Meryl, Father’s name is Chris. Love interest’s name is Joanna. She also interacts with Anika, Steven, Matthew, Cole, and Devin.
A very determined and independent woman, she owns a small business. Very organized (especially with finances), but somehow still clumsy as hell. She may clean incessantly at times. She is by no means quiet, she will not hesitate let you know when you’re doing something wrong. Her curiosity often gets the best of her, and she has the mind of a child sometimes. Not at all physically fit.

As with other things, names in (English-speaking) Canada are similar to but not the same as those in the US. For this character I needed to find names that were used in Canada 29 years ago, and which sounded to me like someone born at that time. The writer chose only one rare name, but she also chose a few interesting and less common names. I liked the selection. However, the other lesbian character’s feminine name with a masculine nickname (Joanne/Jo) was a bit obvious, so I gave her some names that had a similar vibe.

  • Sheena
  • Lindsay
  • Natalie (Nat)
  • Danielle (Dani)
  • Carmen

The writer replied: Holy crap, Carmen, Danielle and Natalie are all awesome. I’ve been using “Amy” as a placeholder for now, but I am seriously considering those three.



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