Character of the Week: British Father Names

This one I edited down a lot, taking out mostly background and plot points to let you focus on the character. Plot is not character, but plot can reveal character. In this case, there is enough description without a play-by-play of the character’s history and story.

Male, mid- to late-30s, Contemporary
Born in South East England to an English researcher father and a Greek artist mother. He has a daughter, Ari, and a younger son, Jamie.
He is rather flighty, and responsibility isn’t his strong point. He is a very hands-on dad, though, and adores his kids, partly because he is a big kid himself. He is good natured with a fascination with knowledge that he in turn installs in his children.
[The writer called it an Urban Fantasy but there were no fantasy elements in the rather long plot description, and the setting was not only urban.]

I chose British names, though I could have gone with some Greek choices. I felt that the British names were more appropriate for the character, especially given his British upbringing and identity. With this character I needed a name that didn’t sound too young, but which had a bit of a playful/childlike quality. Re-reading the names I’m not sure I would choose the first again, because it’s a bit of a mouthful (especially if the novel is in third person); however, I like the look and feel of the name and I think it would work in first person.

  • Crispian
  • Marcus
  • Anthony (Ant)
  • Gareth
  • Geoff

The writer simply replied, Thanks. I do not know if he chose one of these names, but several things in the story were up in the air (e.g. the children’s names and whether or not this character would have a sister), so the character and story may have changed significantly after the naming and therefor required a different set of choices.


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